StacyheadshotaboutusStacy Webb :: Founder & Chief Skin Care Specialist

A self proclaimed science and skincare geek, Stacy earned her Bachelor of Science Degree in Ecology from the University of North Carolina, and her Para Medical Esthetician License from the International School of Esthetics. A lifelong student of both natural and medical skincare, Stacy has trained under some of the top medical and holistic health gurus from around the globe. Today, she’s working towards her certification as a Master Herbalist and Holistic Nutritionist, expanding her realm into alternative health practices alongside customized, integrated skincare solutions.

Product MUSTS: Living in Colorado, I firmly believe serums and face oils are the skin’s best friends, especially when paired with an exfoliator suitable for your skin type and climate.

Treatment TREATS: I love getting a good facial with a light peel or microderm, because there’s no downtime – I instantly feel refreshed. I love giving chemical peels because I’m able to customize and layer each treatment – no two are ever the same. Seeing the transformation in my clients’ skin is just magical.

#1 on my BUCKET LIST: To train with Joëlle Ciocco, the founder of the Centre de Soins Joëlle Ciocco Paris. A pioneer and visionary in skincare, her philosophy and approach is unlike anyone else in the world. She’s my personal icon.



Laura MacLeod :: Licensed Esthetician & Eyelash Extension Specialist

After earning her BA in Hospitality Management at Endicott College, Laura moved from Massachusetts to Denver in 2013 and never looked back. A certified, licensed esthetician, trained eyelash extension specialist, and holistic health coach, her passion for health and wellness is not just her job – it’s her life. Always studying and learning new techniques, Laura is a sponge for any and all knowledge that will help her clients achieve their best in beauty and wellness.

Product MUSTS: Moving to Colorado from the east coast my skin got really dry, really quickly. I finally found a resolution through a new homecare regime of enzyme masks 1-2x a week and a vitamin E/hyaluronic serum. No more flaking for me!

Treatment TREATS: I look forward to getting a microdermabrasion facial once a month along with a LED treatment, and my skin automatically is smoother and more radiant.

#1 on my BUCKET LIST: To get trained in more traditional Chinese medicine modalities, enabling me to incorporate more knowledge and information in skincare consultations. Our skin is our largest organ, and without fail, you’ll find the first noticeable signs of deeper body imbalances here. We need to take care of it in every way we can!