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What is Cellulite?

Relaxation with Spa Therapy

I found this article on Cellulite recently and wanted to share it. The Mlis Body Contour Wrap offered at Sesen Skin Care is a great treatment in helping to remove toxins associated with cellulite as well. WHAT IS CELLULITE? Myth Only Overweight and Obese People have Cellulite Fact Many people that are at, or below, a healthy […]

Eczema: Is Your Child Healthy?


Do you or your children suffer from eczema? Do they have any red, itchy, dry or weeping lesions that just won’t go away? Fortunately for you, Chinese Medicine has several options to help heal both the internal disharmony, and resulting eczema. Traditional Chinese Medicine offers topical ointments, customized internal herbal therapies, and Acupuncture/ Shonishin (non-invasive […]

Four Holiday Hacks to Get the Glow

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With the holidays upon us, our skincare regimens often get put on the backburner. Distracted by shopping lists, holiday parties, and outings with family and friends, who has time to be diligent about skincare? We’ve got four simple steps to help keep you looking refreshed and radiant: Drink TONS of water. We recommend a minimum of […]

Five Easy Ways to Get (and Keep) Great Skin


It seems like we’ve been waiting for 2017 forever! Now that it’s here, we’ve got some simple tips for how to make your skincare and beauty resolutions stick. We find they’re easier to follow when we break them down into smaller, more manageable doses.   Start your day with hot water with lemon, or a […]

Skin Tips: Aprés Ski and Skincare at Altitude


We all know Colorado is the best place to live, work and play. With 300 days of sunshine and glorious powder days, it’s easy to forget how the altitude can be both friend and foe. And now that ski season has arrived, we’ve got some tips for how to make sure your time on the […]