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“Denver’s Best Facial is a Triple Threat”—Huffington Post

“Denver’s Best Facial is a Triple Threat”—Huffington Post

Modern spa interior with a decorative wall and comfortable seating area.

“Denver’s Best Facial is a Triple Threat”

More than your typical spring snow storm, this was a blizzard: two feet on the ground, flakes piling up by the minute, it was not a day to be driving. But how could I not? I was leaving for Paris in three days and referred by a glow-skinned friend to Stacy Webb for her signature “Triple Threat” facial. I poured my down-covered self into the Subaru, headed to an unassuming shopping strip in Uptown for a bit of spa sanctuary… and it was perfect.

A lifelong student of natural and medical skincare, the self-proclaimed science/ skincare geek and para-medical esthetician, Stacy Webb, developed the no-nonsense Triple Threat in 2014 to address the most common concerns of her clients and bundling them for maximum impact. This three part anti-aging ritual addresses fine lines, wrinkles, skin tone, hyperpigmentation and loss of firmness. The results are as real as they are dramatic.

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