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Sesen Skin Body Wellness Reviewed in You Glow Gal

Sesen Skin Body Wellness Reviewed in You Glow Gal

Sesen Skin Body Wellness

Last month we headed off to Denver for a long weekend of scoping out neighborhoods for our upcoming move. Naturally, I planned a spa day and found the gem Sesen Skin Body Wellness.

While researching spas to visit in Denver I wanted something different. Living in Dallas, wellness centers are minimal. Sesen Skin Body Wellness fit the bill with their natural approach to skincare. Less is more, internal wellbeing is taken into account, and your treatment is customized and adapted while you’re on the table. Skin goes through changes frequently, so receiving treatments with this in mind just makes sense.

Then there’s Stacy, owner and head esthetician of Sesen Skin Body Wellness, who also happens to nerd out over science and skincare. And she’s working towards her naturopathy certification. There are a plethora of amazing, knowledgeable estheticians out there, and you can bet Stacy is included on that list.

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